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Scensty Wickless Candles


Scentsy is a great way to raise money for your cause. We can certainly help you out.

No matter the size of your group, we can fill the order and your organization earns valuable funds

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Looking to Join Scentsy in order to Sell Scentsy products?

Imagine, sitting at home all day spending time with the family, making your own hours, and you make a living by partying! That is what we do and we love it! If you are an oppertunity to sell Scentsy wickless candles, Get into Bath and body products, start you own business in a thriving industry without a bunch of overhead or high cost... then now is the time to join Scentsy.

Your imagination is really your only limit on how far your business will grow. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and join our Scentsy Family!

Ask anyone on our already established team, we stand with our partners and help you grow your business and show you the time you need in order to make your new scentsy business a true success!

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What is Scentsy?

Scentsy is the greatest thing to ever happen to candles! Why? Well, lets start with the basics. Scentsy warmers are ceramic decoritaive jars with a low wat light bulb in it. Then there is a dish on top of it that holds scented wax. The?wax come in bars. Take out the desired amount of wax from your favorite scent and place on the dish. That is all, now you just sit back and enjoy!

Why Scentsy is so great?

  • Over 80 yummy Scentsy smells to fit everyones personal liking.
  • Dozens of Scentsy warmers to fit any home decor or style
  • Flamless, thats right, totally wickless making Scentsy much saver than the old fashioned dangerous candles.
  • A whole line of addtional body products call Layers
  • New warmers and Scents every month
  • Scentsy is kid safe and pet safe. The wax will not burn it touched
  • No damage to your home that can be caused by Standard wicks

Latest News

01.02.2013 17:26    Comments: 0    Categories: Some Useful Info      Tags: join scentsy  transition month  
This is GREAT news for those wanting to join our team. Why? Well... read more to see what this means for new members of our team!
15.05.2012 16:00    Comments: 0    Categories: Some Useful Info      Tags: scentsy fundraiser  
Gone are the days of door-to-door sales pitches and traditional fundraising. Scentsy provides an innovative way to help groups across the country raise funds for their organization
15.05.2012 15:55    Comments: 0    Categories: Some Useful Info      Tags: scentsy  
For years, people across the globe have been on an eternal quest to find products that make our homes smell good. The journey to find these products dates back to historical times
15.05.2012 15:50    Comments: 0    Categories: Some Useful Info      Tags: scentsy  scentsey consultant  
Finding steady income can be a challenge in this economy. With the lack of opportunity and the number of job availability decreasing, it’s no wonder why so many are unsatisfied with their income.
10.05.2012 15:21    Comments: 0    Categories: Fundraiser      Tags: waters edge  scentsy fundraiser  buy scentsy  sell scentsy  
This Scentsy FundRaiser is to support Water's Edge Church in Lake Charles La raise money to support the growing number of people attending the church in need of assistance.
06.03.2012 10:12    Comments: 1    Categories: Some Useful Info  Fundraiser      Tags: hawgs of texas scentsy fundraiser is stepping up to help Hawgs of Texas raise money for a worthy cause. Thie Scentsy Fundraiser is going to help 2 ladies that are well deserved. Read more for details.
14.02.2012 16:09    Comments: 0    Categories: Fundraiser      Tags: scentsy  fundraiser  buy scentsy  sell scentsy  
Scentsy Fundraisers are new and fresh

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