Scentsy Diffusers are the latest in Scent Distribution. How aScentsy Diffuser works is you open the top of theScentsy Diffuser and fill with distilled water. Once it is filled to the line, add in essential oils offered by Scentsy. You can use either a combination of oils already assembled by the scent experts at Scentsy ( like Bliss, Calm, Cedar Lemon Lavender), or come up with your own combination to please your inner self. The only thing to do now is turn it on! As soon as you flip the switch you will see steam streaming from the mouth and filling the room with blissful aroma.
Next is the lighting. Scentsy did not leave anything out on the design of theseScentsy Diffusers. You, YES YOU get to choose the color lighting that is displayed from yourScentsy Diffuser. The LED lighting changes colors based on your own personal setting.

So Sit back, relax, and enjoy the NewScentsy Diffuser!

Nothing awakens your mood or brightens up your space like our handcrafted Scentsy Diffuser now available in seven stunning designs to offer you a completely personalized fragrance experience. Add water and your favorite all-natural Scentsy Oils, choose your lighting and mist settings and wake up your senses ? with a lifetime guarantee!

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